How To Manifest Anything You Want

In the world we live in, working hard to improve our status, become someone’s ideal for success, or at the very least to afford more “stuff” is a highly prized activity. But does this take you to where you want to go in life? No. Mostly it keeps you chasing your tail in the rat race so that you barely find time or energy to breathe. Yet, if you slow down, follow another path, you can use the law of attraction in your favor. You can quit fighting the tide and instead go with the current. 


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Why should you manifest your desired life?

Aren’t you tired of the uphill, both ways, climb to get what you want from life? You need to stop now, and ask the Universe for assistance if you are going to get all that you most desire in your life. And, when you do, what you will receive in return when you practice manifestation is so much more than you will ever have imagined.

Just take a look at these 5 manifestation practice benefits:


 A life less stressful

It’s true that when you get out of your own way, and ask the Universe to lend a hand in moving things along, you will experience less stress in your life. Your step will be lighter and you can relax in the knowledge that the Universe has your back and is at work on your behalf.


A life more plentiful

Whatever your motivation be it love, career, or finance, it’s assumed that you want more abundance in your life right? And, you will have it. After you have begun your manifestation practice in earnest you will become aware of the plenty in your life. Because of all the wonderful things that have always been a part of your life. From there it just increases exponentially as we allow the Universe to aid us in getting our deepest desires.


A life with more fun time

If you aren’t always working on being perfect during your waking hours, you can allow yourself the luxury of goofiness and having more fun. You needn’t worry that there is insufficient time to have fun or that it’s necessary for your work to always be done first. And hey, the Universe is watching out for you, and when there is something for you to do, you’ll know.


A life of improved health

Since you have less stress, increased gratitude for the awesomeness currently in your life, and additional fun time, how could your health not benefit from your manifestation practice? It is only obvious that you would laugh more often, worry less frequently, sit less and move around more, simply because you handed off the operation of getting where you want to be to the Universe.


A life of increased happiness

Genuine happiness is a mindset, and it happens naturally when you encourage it and allow your life to unfold as it should instead of compelling it or manipulating it to bend to your will. Freeing yourself of the perpetual pursuit of your dreams and allowing the Universe to work it’s best for you will make you happier and more fulfilled.


How do I use the law of attraction?

What is this law of attraction?

The law of attraction encourages us to put exercises into place that will pull our deepest desires to us. Positivity is an action you can take to make this happen quicker and more easily. Because what you focus on is what you get, remember to keep those negative thoughts at bay. Another part of the law of attraction that people overlook is going with the flow of energy the Universe provides to manifest your dreams into reality.


 Surrender to the will of the Universe

Asking you to surrender to the Universe is very challenging for people living in a world that they are told rewards hard work and constant planning. People who hear of the law of attraction, usually begin working longer, harder, and faster in an effort to reach their goals. This what they have been trained to do – if you want to reach your goal you must work hard to get it. But this is the exact opposite of what will attract your dreams to you.


  Go with the flow

Rather than struggling even harder, you need to give up the struggle. You should go with the flow, relax, and ride the wave. Some people suppose this is must be the lazy way out. Surely getting access to what you desire most necessitates that you put in the effort and battle anything that obstructs your way. But the Universe wants to reward those who allow it to do the hard work for them.


 Conserve your energies

When a man is drowning, he is in battle with the water, thrashing around attempting to keep his head above the water. Soon he becomes exhausted, he just can’t fight it anymore. But if you are the man who permits the Universe to help you then you can conserve your energy. All you need to do now to survive is to relax and float.


 Taking Inspired action

Now, allowing the Universe to aid you doesn’t mean you will have nothing to do. You will need to take inspired action. The focus here is on “inspired.” Rather than doing busy work on anything you can think of that might help you get what you want. Instead, do only the tasks that you feel in your gut. It’s the follow up on a chance piece of information. Reading a book that is recommended to you. Setting up a job interview you overheard about. When an action comes to your awareness and you feel inspired to do it, you do it. This is the Universe guiding your desires right into your hands.

It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you are focused on a castle or a button. - Abraham Hicks


 Skills to make manifesting easier

Going with the flow of life doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to make your manifestation efforts more effective. The following short list includes ways you can manifest your ideal life more quickly.


Anytime you can reduce the number of thoughts swirling through your mind is a time when you are surrendering to the power of the Universe. Most of your thinking and planning only complicates your life. During meditation, you can enter a state of relaxing in an awareness that continues throughout your day.



Visualization is a practical, fun way to put your visions of your future into the Universe to design your own destiny. When done consistently, visualization triggers your creative subconscious to the point where your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and reality. Only a few minutes a day will really ramp up your manifesting muscle.



Putting words onto paper is extremely powerful, though often overlooked in our digital world. Writing down what you want to manifest allows you to get very clear and specific about what it is you want, which is a vital first step in manifesting. Writing down your goals daily, at least once, is a way to keep them in the forefront of your mind without obsessing over them, which can easily turn into resistance of the natural, Universal flow. 



Affirming that our deepest desires are already on their way to us is a popular way to manifest. Affirmations show the Universe that you are willing to work with it to attract what you want into your life. They also keep your thoughts positive so you don’t go into resistance mode when you want to go with the flow instead.


Practice gratitude

While you want to enjoy even bigger things in your life, manifesting is based on being grateful for what you have now. If you don’t appreciate what you have, why would the Universe be interested in giving you more? Practicing gratitude on a daily basis, whether formally in a journal or informally by sending out little thank you thoughts when something delights you is a powerful way to build your manifesting muscle while enjoying your daily life more.



Feeling how you want to feel when you get your ideal life is important. Many people think they will feel it when it happens, but the law of attraction works the opposite way. What you feel, you attract. The more you practice feeling the way you want to feel, the more quickly your ideal life can materialize.

The art manifestation is a simple concept that’s easy to apply to your daily life. With awareness and practice, you can manifest amazing things into your life.

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Be The Person You Were Meant To Be

Are you the Senior, who raised your family and went to the 9-5 every day? Do you now look in the mirror only to wonder where that free spirited young man or daring young woman has gone? Did they toss out the dreams of who they wanted to be, or only temporarily set them aside? It’s your turn now. Will you make the time to become an artist, mentor, world traveler, or perhaps a gardener? You can be that person, or you can make excuses.

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Do You Feel Your Life Is Successful?

Are you pleased with the way your life has turned out so far? If your life is on track and your visions fully in place then you can view your life as a success. Unfortunately most people still have burning desires inside of them. If this is you isn’t it time you did something about them?

If you truly want to view your life as successful then you need to learn how to be true to yourself. This means throwing a little caution to the wind and following your hearts dreams and desires.

Your dreams needn’t be huge and involve moving to a different country. Your dreams may be much smaller. Such as wanting to sit down and write a novel, or learn how to paint or take quality photographs.

No matter what your dreams are you owe it yourself to take some type of action to achieve them. Do you have a bucket list? If so, how many items have you checked off?

Start today and make a plan so that you can achieve at least one of your dreams this year. Or at the very least be on target for reaching it. Write out the steps you would need to take to achieve your goal. Break them down into smaller steps, ones that can be completed quickly and easily. Then work on completing each small goal. Remember that each step brings you that much closer to fulfilling your dream.

A small step might include signing up for art lessons. It might mean researching what equipment you need to make your photography dream come true. Or it could include saving up money so that you can afford your dream.

Each action you take you will give your life more purpose. You have allowed yourself the freedom of chasing a dream. Don’t worry about what others say, you are not foolish nor wasting your money.

Instead you are leading a life that will have you feeling successful. You are essentially becoming your own person who makes their own choices and decisions. What could be better?  

“What’s meant to be will always find a way.” -Trisha Yearwood

Is Society Shaping You?

Who doesn’t lead a busy life these days? Nearly everyone does and there is one impact of this that you may not be aware. That you allow society, as a whole, to shape you as a person?

Society today is full of people who like to stereotype, label and categorize not just items but other people. If you do not fit into one of these labels then you may be viewed as an outcast.

The result of this typecasting is, you forget to be true to yourself and instead conform to a mold. This doesn’t allow you to be yourself. Is that really how you want to live, or are you ready to shake off that mold allowing the true you to emerge?

Getting out of the mold is not always easy. The moment you break the stereotyping your friends look at you in a different way. They may wonder why you are attracting attention to yourself, instead of staying quiet.

Allowing yourself freedom to try new things is a great way to become your own person. There is no harm in trying something new. If anything you learn important lessons and gain new experiences. You discover what your limitations are and you find strengths you never knew you had.

Life is really too short to allow others to dictate your every move. You need to have the courage to be your own person. Learn how to express yourself, to have faith in yourself, and above all, learn to trust your own decisions.

Remember, you are giving yourself the freedom to choose your own life. Once you make that move and stop allowing society to shape you, you will feel in tune with your life.

Life is full of choices, you will make both positive and negative choices, but at least you will be living your own life. Not one that others think you should live.

Accept Yourself

Are you happy in your own skin? Feeling comfortable and accepting yourself is important if you want to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve these feelings.

Your first step is to ask yourself a couple of questions:

1.     Who is the person you want to become? Describe this person in detail.

2.     What things do you really care about?

3.     Is there anything or anyone you may lose if you start to live the life you truly want?

Write your answers out in detail. This way you have a complete description of the person you want to become and why.

During this journey you need to understand and accept that nobody is perfect. Every person has faults, and you must learn to live with them. You are now ready to begin living your life the way you want and deserve to.

You must learn to love yourself. You may have parts of you that you are extremely happy with, and those that you hate. You must stop hating and work on improving the way you view these things. If you have habits that can be changed then change them. If you just have quirks, then these are part of your personality. They identify what is unique about you, as a person. You need to accept and love your quirks!

Every day you want to focus on how you can do things that showcase the person you really are. If you want to speak out about something, then do so. Don’t stay silent just because your friends or family won’t approve. Always try to stay true to yourself as much as possible.

Before going to bed each night ask yourself if you were the best person that you could possibly be. Did you make the right choices or did you let fear keep you hiding in the shadows?

This entire journey of accepting yourself takes time, and yes, it’s not always easy or comfortable. Just remember that you are doing this for yourself. By becoming the person you really want to be, you will be happier and this will spread to every other area of your life.

Tips for Being the Best You Possible

Use these tips to stay true to yourself and to give yourself permission to follow your heart’s desires.

| Tip One:

Give yourself permission to have dreams and goals in your life, regardless of what your family and friends say or think. If you want to learn how to climb a mountain, go skydiving one day, or spend hours painting just go for it.

| Tip Two:

Remember that you own your life and that you have only one life. Life is too short to keep putting things off until next week or next year. Start making plans that will help you fulfill your dreams.

| Tip Three:

Write out your dreams and desires on paper. This will help them feel more real to you. Then go through your list and place them in order. Have the one you want to do first on top.

| Tip Four:

Start planning how you will achieve your dream. Do you need to learn a new skill? Take certain lessons? Or you may have to save up the cash for it.

| Tip Five:

Create a plan of action of things that you can do immediately that will help you reach your dream. It often helps to break down larger goals into much smaller ones. This way they become more manageable and easier to attain.

| Tip Six:

Stay motivated and on track with reaching your goal. Don’t let others dissuade you from your dream.

| Tip Seven:

Stay realistic with your dream. Ensure that your end goal is something that you can actually achieve. There is no point in dreaming of climbing a mountain if you are terrified of heights!

| Tip Eight:

Be authentic to those who try to stop you in your tracks. Listen to their objections and then counter them with your action plan. If you map out your steps to reach your goal and can clearly show this to others, objections will become fewer as time goes on.

| Tip Nine:

While reaching your dreams will help fulfill your life, you don’t want to lose your friends, and family over it. Take time to discuss your plans with anyone who is concerned. After all they do have your best interests at heart.

| Tip Ten:

Ensure your goal is something you really want. Don’t do anything out of spite just to prove a point to someone. Open up your heart and your feelings and let those tugs pull you in the right direction.


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