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What Is A Grandparent’s Journal

A grandparent’s journal is written for the express purpose of revealing your early life to your grandchildren or even your children.

Remember when you were younger, and it felt as if the people you loved would always be there? You believed you would have all the time in the world to do all the things and have all the conversations. Sadly, you don’t know how much time you will have with anyone.  

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How much time do you spend with your grandchildren? Regardless of the frequency or length of time, does it ever feel like it’s enough?  I will bet you aren’t spending that precious face to face time discussing your childhood with your grandkids.

Of course not. First, you’re listening to their dreams, what they want from their future life. Second, you want to make your time together into lasting memories, with them and for them.

Unfortunately, perhaps after the loss of a loved one, you begin to wonder what their earlier life was like, what the times were like when they were growing up. And when it’s too late, there is no one you can ask.  

I was fortunate enough to have my Gram live near me for 55 years. We talked all the time and she brought to life many stories of her girlhood for me. I heard about some of her pets, her home life, and her parents. Not everyone has this opportunity. Which is why I began writing a journal for my grandson.


If there was no other motive in view [except] to have the privilege of reading over our journals and for our children to read, it would pay for the time spent in writing it.
— Wilford Woodruff

 Creating a grandparent’s journal


Nothing could be simpler to do. I suggest a spiral-bound 8 x 10 or larger journal with at least 100 pages. This will allow you space to add photos, stickers, and doodles to add color and personality. So, don’t forget the colored pencils. Write from your heart and let the words bubble up and flow onto the paper.


To make this easier I’ve included a list of prompts.

1.      Where you were born, the date and place.

2.      Who named you, and how was your name chosen?

3.      Your parents, names, birth dates, and places of birth.

4.      Your aunts and uncles.

5.      Your siblings oldest to youngest.

6.      Who were you closest with in your family?

7.      The history of your family.

8.      The origins of your family.

9.      How you got to where you are now.

10.  What is your first memory?

11.  What kind of child were you?

12.  What special memories do you have of your mother?

13.  What memories of your father?

14.  What memories of your father’s parents?

15.  What memories of your mother’s parents?

16.  Did your parents read to you as a child?

17.  What were your favorite pastimes?

18.  Did your family play games together?

19.  If so, what were you favorites?

20.  Did you have pets?

21.  Describe your bedroom.

22.  Did you share or have it to yourself?

23.  What was your favorite Television show?

24.  What was a special meal your mom made for you?

25.  Did you help around the house?

26.  Did you get an allowance?

27.  Who were your childhood friends?

28.  Where did they live?

29.  What was your neighborhood like?

30.  Where did you first go to school?

31.  How did you get there?

32.  Did you like school? Why?

33.  What were your favorite books?

34.  What was your favorite kind of music?

35.  How did you listen to it?

36.  Did you go to concerts? Who did you see?

37.  What were your favorite movies?

38.  Who were your favorite movie stars?

39.  Did you keep a diary?

40.  What did you do during the summers?

41.  Where did your family go on vacation?

42.  How did your family spend the holidays?

43.  What were your favorite holiday foods?

44.  Do you have a favorite recipe to share?

45.  Who was the clown in your family?

46.  After school did you play any sports or belong to any clubs?

47.  Did you ever leave school with your friends without permission?

48.  Did you do something that you were never caught doing?

49.  How did you wear your hair? Did you wear makeup?

50.  What did you think you would be when you grew up?

51.  What was the biggest thing you remember happening while you were in high school?

52.  Who was president?

53.  What’s the best thing that’s been invented since you were a kid?

54.  Did you imagine what kind of house you wanted or where you would live someday?

55.  Tell all about your first date. How old were you? The who, the where, the when.

56.  Did you go to college?

57.  What was your first place like? Did you live alone?

58.  What was your first job? How much money did you make?

59.  What was your worst job?

60.  Did you go on any road trips?

61.  What about your love life? Was there one that got away?

62.  What is your best relationship advice?

63.  What was the most romantic date you ever went on?

64.   How you met grandfather, and what about him now?

65.  What about your first home and baby together?

66.  Did you enjoy being a mom, what was your favorite thing?

67.  How was it when you brought home my dad/mom for the first time?

68.  Tell me about my parent as a child?

69.  What kinds of hobbies, activities or vacations did/do you enjoy as an adult?

70.  Where have you traveled that you love best and why?

71.  When you heard you were going to be a Grandma the first time, how did you feel?

72.  How old were you when I was born?

73.  Did you babysit me? What did we like to do, just the two of us?

74.  What is a favorite family recipe, and why?

75.  Will you write it down here?

76.  What is your favorite quote, and why?

77.  If you could be any age, which would you choose?

78.  If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

79.  What hopes and dreams do you have for the future?

80.  What would you most like to be remembered for?

81.  What is your best life advice?

82.  What makes you the happiest?

83.  What is the most important thing you have learned?


Wouldn’t you like to leave some of what you saw, thought, and felt, for someone in your life? I truly feel that it is never too late nor even too early to begin.

I hope you liked this post, and that you will share it with those you love.