Begin With A Quick Audit Of Your Website

It isn't necessary that you do this. And this list is by no means exhaustive. But I feel these items are important if you want to get more value from the traffic that arrives at your site.

  • How fast does your website load, too slow and you lose visitors
  • Is your website mobile responsive
  • How clear is your navigation, can your visitors easily find their way around your site
  • Do you have CTA's so your visitors know what you would like them to do next
  • Does your homepage tell visitors what you do, and the benefit it offers to them
  • Are your opt-ins strategically placed on more than one page
  • Do you have a contact page for your visitors to reach out if they have questions
7 Effective tips to immediately drive website traffic

Increasing Your Website Traffic For Free

1 | Add Your URL To Your Social Media Posts, Images, And Bios

Make your URL short, sweet, and to the point. Assuming the reason you post on Social Media is to interact with people, don't make it difficult for them to find you in the place you most want to be found. Everything that you post, everywhere, should be a doorway that leads visitors back to your website. 

2 | Pin All Of Your Content To Pinterest

Pin your newly created and published pieces of content to all of your relevant boards and to any relevant group boards you belong to. People search Pinterest for more than just recipes and do it yourself projects. You can put the power of this search engine to work for you by making sure your images are beautiful, correctly sized, and you have an image description. Add your keywords to your board descriptions.

3 | SEO Check On Everything

The simplest SEO you can do is to make sure that your keywords are in your post titles, headings, the content that you write and that it all matches. Your URL's should also contain your keywords. 

4 | Interview Someone You Admire

What a great way to introduce someone new to your audience and get in front of their audience. Make sure you ask interesting questions whose answers are a benefit and it's a win-win for all. 

5 | E-mail Your Subscriber List

When you email your list remind them to share it with their friends. Add a link to your email signature that leads to your website.

6 | Blog 

Post more often, but not at the sacrifice of good quality. Pick a frequency you can stick to. Provide your visitors with a good reason to stay on your site, visit frequently, and eventually purchase from you. You want to give value in return for the time your audience spends reading your blog. Add links to relevant past posts to keep your visitor engaged longer on your website. Have share buttons to make it easy for your audience to share your awesome content with their followers. 

7 | Utilize The Power Of Videos

People love videos. So give them what they love. Add videos to pages on your site to emphasize a point. You can use videos to showcase and demonstrate your products. Share your screen and show how-to's. Film customer testimonials. Add video content to Facebook and Twitter. Start a YouTube channel.

Free Traffic aka Organic Traffic

This is nothing more than people finding you and your website / business without any dollars leaving your pocket and lining other people's pockets in the process.


I had fun writing this post, but it was difficult to choose only 7 ways to drive traffic when there are so many. So I based my choices on what I thought give the most bang for your non buck. If you liked this please share it with your friends. As always let me know what you think.